What issues should I be handling?

The emergence of technology over the past ten years now offers capabilities that are changing the landscape of all organizations. Human Resources is especially impacted. Organizations are moving toward having HR as a strategic partner and the expectations are that HR must evolve. The critical issues are therefore how can HR provide tools to the organization that meet this strategic challenge. HR departments should therefore look at all issues of information dissemination and management in the organization and how this can be performed using employee, manager, and executive self-service. This must be accomplished while maintaining and enhancing employee satisfaction and handle the critical issue of Data Privacy. The issues get more complex because HR must now work in the global arena handling the challenges of multiple cultures and workplaces.

Do I need a centralized database?

Every organization will have a model that fits their needs. The central database offers many advantages but is not for everyone. The database models will range from distributed databases throughout the world to a central database. The needs and technical capabilities will determine the best model.

What languages are prevalent in a global HRMS?

Many organizations have taken the approach that English will be the language of preference. The issue is not this simple. There is the thought that as technology advances we should be able to translate information at the point of viewing this information. This is not possible for some languages and is not recommended. Information required for global analysis should be recorded (or have the ability to provide a translated version) in one language (the corporate language).

Information required locally should be recorded in the local language. This is especially important for government compliant items. I am a believer that the titles on screens should be reflected in the language of the person using the system, even if the language recorded is different. We must be striving for the clearest methods of communication.

How does technology impact strategic HR?

Strategic HR should empower the employee, manager, and executive. The development of tools that help in this goal are critical. The Web now offers a medium and set of tools that can permeate to all levels of the organization. HR must therefore deliver effective employee, manager, and executive tools using the technologies available. This will range from employee and manager self-service tools to e-learning and other tools that help the manager/executive meet their strategic goals.

What are the key global HR issues?

Determining how HR will handle languages, multiple currencies, dates, policies, documentation, names, and addresses are a few of the issues. The impact of these issues on the provided HR solutions needs to be clear. Identifying how Data Privacy will be maintained is critical. There is also the area of how HR will provide worldwide help capabilities.

What are the key global IT issues?

The implementing of a global system requires a strong infrastructure. How is IT equipped to handle global technical communications, 24-hour help, disaster recovery, custom HR applications (regional differences), and general support.